Scary Maze Game

Scary maze game is a very popular web browser based flash game developed in the year 2003 by J.Winterrowd. The game is truly interesting levels to play, and each level is a bit tougher than the previous ones.

The game’s basic target is to move the blue point to the target without touching the maze’s walls. The game becomes tough when the maze is having thin sized walls, and the user finds a bit uneasy to move the cursor. The simple idea behind making the game is to play a joke to the player. AT the end of the level three, the maze walls are extremely thinner than the previous levels, and the player pays more attention in order to win the game, and achieve the goal by reached at the red target. And if he fails to do so, a scary image with a loud scream suddenly appears upon the screen. At the beginning, the game insists the user to full screen the maze as it is first shown in a small screen, on which the user needs more efforts to move the point to the target.

Scary Maze GameAfter the second level, the game becomes extremely tough by introducing the larger mazes with thinner walls. The game has currently has four levels and has different scary images that thrill the player if he fails to achieve the goal. At the first level, the game seems to be a very simple game, and if you fail in either of the first or second level, then the game simply asks you to play again. The game levels are strategically designed to encourage the player to pay more attention on the screen. The popularity of game can be seen by the fact that after the success of the PC version of the game, it has been designed for the iPhone, and other touch screen enabled portable devices like IPad. The game is popular among those who want to play a prank on their friends, or just want to play a game that increases the concentration.

The things that would be needed to play the scary maze games on the PC is a flash enabled web browser and a mouse, while, on the other hand, if you are playing the game on a portable touch screen device, then you only want the stylus to move the blue point towards the target.

Summing up the details, we can say that the scary maze games are fun to spend time with, and make pranks to the friends who do not know much about the game. Scary maze can be also downloaded as a standalone application for the iPhone or iPad. The portable device version of the game comes with a full-screen mode to play on, which makes it more interesting to play. If you want to surprise your friends and look at the weird expression of their faces, then the scary maze game is the thing that you want to have. You should play the game once and insist your friends also to try this fun yet scary game.